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Yoga – A cornucopia for your body and mind


I started practicing yoga about a year ago, on a whim when a friend told me how much she was enjoying it. A woman I work with offers free yoga classes once a week, so I tried it out – after the first class I remember that I felt refreshed and rejuvenated, and I thought I would give it another try. I am a bit spoiled because I happen to live in a building that has a yoga studio, and for $39 for unlimited access for the first month it was a no-brainer. I was hooked.

Since that time I have been going 5 and sometimes 6 times a week. It’s easy for me living close by, but I can honestly say that it has helped with many aspects of my life that I didn’t even think would be positively affected. I have more muscle tone than before, and better posture when sitting and walking, better digestion, and now I actually sleep soundly through the night every night. Last year I lost a lot of weight on a high protein diet (65 lbs) and yoga has helped me stay fit and trim and energetic. I am a bit of a yoga junkie now.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention breathing too – we all breathe everyday, but to practice yoga and to practice and understand how important the deliberate measured breath is also critical to getting the full benefits of yoga.

I work in customer service, so you know I like pain – yoga gives me the tools to physically and mentally deal with whatever gets chucked at me every day.

Of course, one of the other side benefits of yoga is being in close proximity with fit women wearing tight Lulu Lemon duds. Yah, that’s pretty rough.

Sweat. Breathe. Stretch.


N.B. The mere fact Curt has become a Yoga freak should be proof enough that there’s something beneficial to it. In the past, Curt would have dismissed yoga as something “Veggie-freak peacenuts who haven’t reconciled the fact they had to leave the womb in the first place” do. There’s nothing on the planet that could have dragged him into a class. However it happened though, he truly is hooked and loving the impact its having on his life. He is more mellow, though only marginally. Oh, and he does eat more veggies. – Mike

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