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Sugar – nose candy for your entire body

This hilarious John Oliver clip starts off being about Halloween. But this clip is more about that insidious white toot that we like to think of as our harmless little friend.

As this quick segment touches on oh so briefly, our bodies need sugar, which is why it is so agreeable to our palate. But refined sugar is the Beast – after you watch the very informative and entertaining clip, check out one of the most descriptive and enlightening ways to describe what sugar does to our bodies from a nutritionist.

In near future posts, Mike and I will delve more into what role sugars and carbs and fats and all that fun junk work (and in some cases damage) our bodies, our emotions and our brains. Fun stuff! Here we go:

How would you like a drunken sailor dropping by and puking on your carpet, peeing on your walls and doing other unsavoury things to your condo or house? This is what happens to your body when you send refined sugar down the hatch:



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